Wilderness Medicine School

“Inspiring health awareness through education is our vision so that in the future, we can create reliable medical personnel and prepare them as early as possible to know basic knowledge things before moving on to the following term. We also have a fun way of teaching to make children feel comfortable. They will dress up like doctors, veterinarians, pharmacists, dentists, and many more.”


Lesson Overview Term 4

Date : 09,10,16,17,23,24,30 | Month : September 2023

Date : 01,07,08,14,15,21,22,28,29 | Month : October 2023

Date : 04,05,18,19 | Month : November 2023

  • If you were wondering about how Wilderness Medicine Save your life? The answer is yes! be curious about Poisonous snakes, venom types, and what steps must be taken when a snake bites someone. Another side, let’s learn and practice treating hypothermia and know when to get medical attention. Do you know how dirty or contaminated water can cause disease? In this case, we will invite you to make a water filter to clean water.
    What is the life cycle of an Aedes aegypti? Find the answer with us.

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