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"Adventure Awaits: Weekend Whirlwind for Young Explorers! Dive into the Marvels of the Human Body, Embrace Action-Packed Role-Playing, and Forge Lifelong Bonds!"

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Little Medical School: Singapore is the only Medical School for children ages 4 - 14 ! We specialize in a curriculum based on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) that will provide students with a solid foundation to pursue careers in medicine.

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Here’s the Doctor For A Week camp features that makes us stand out from other holiday camp.

This isn't your average holiday camp; it's inspired by genuine childhood memories.

The inception of the Little Medical School traces back to my mother, one of the few women in her medical class, who inspired my journey into medicine. As a youngster, playing doctor was more than a game; it was an aspiration. I wore my white coat and stethoscope with pride. Thus, in 1998, I brought the Little Medical School to life. Role-playing became a cornerstone, captivating even those initially hesitant.

Our focus extends beyond theoretical knowledge. We emphasize real-life skills, from handling emergencies to fostering personal health. Our goal? Sculpting the next generation of medical professionals through camps, afterschool activities, and informative toys. My dream is seeing alumni from Little Medical School across medical, nursing, veterinary, and pharmacy institutions.

We're also proud of our STEM.org accreditation.

STEM.org stands as a beacon of excellence, ensuring that programs meet their rigorous criteria emphasizing hands-on learning and skills vital for the modern world. Our inclusion among 4,500+ STEM.org accredited programs speaks volumes about our dedication to quality. With us, your child is guaranteed top-tier lessons and activities!

Enroll in our camp for a STEM-rich experience and practical exposure.
Complete the journey and flaunt a prestigious STEM.org certificate as a badge of your accomplishment.

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Attention parents! Uncover the invaluable lessons and skills your child can acquire from our unique class.

Why Choose Our Class?

Looking for the ideal place to plunge into the thrilling universe of healthcare? Our Weekend Class is your ticket to mesmerizing venues in Singapore, building up future stars in the medical field!

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An enticing snapshot of a lesson or activity we've planned for the class.

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Want a taste of our class lessons? Spoiler: They're all about training future doctors and vets early on!


Dive into the World of Medicine with Our Passionate Weekend Class for an Enthralling Learning Odyssey.

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Step into our inspiring campuses, a melting pot of knowledge and creativity. Equipped with cutting-edge facilities, lively classrooms, and a nurturing ambiance, our campuses are a hotbed for innovation and growth. Traverse our campuses and set your child on a path to an education filled with wonder.

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Step into a realm of medical marvels with our unparalleled Little Medical School package. Explore what's in store!

Beyond our comprehensive medical and healthcare curriculum, we've sprinkled in delightful surprises for your child during the camp!

So why not make the most of the holidays with us?

Kickstart your child's medical voyage with us. Time's ticking! Slots are limited. Enroll your child now and embark on an unforgettable journey!

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