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Plunge into the Fascinating World of Medical Discovery!

"Adventure Awaits: Weekend Whirlwind for Young Explorers! Dive into the Marvels of the Human Body, Embrace Action-Packed Role-Playing, and Forge Lifelong Bonds!"

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Little Medical School: Singapore is the only Medical School for children ages 4 - 14 ! We specialize in a curriculum based on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) that will provide students with a solid foundation to pursue careers in medicine.

Discover the Excitement!

Here’s the Doctor For A Week camp features that makes us stand out from other holiday camp.

This isn't your average holiday camp; it's inspired by genuine childhood memories.

The inception of the Little Medical School traces back to my mother, one of the few women in her medical class, who inspired my journey into medicine. As a youngster, playing doctor was more than a game; it was an aspiration. I wore my white coat and stethoscope with pride. Thus, in 1998, I brought the Little Medical School to life. Role-playing became a cornerstone, captivating even those initially hesitant.

Our focus extends beyond theoretical knowledge. We emphasize real-life skills, from handling emergencies to fostering personal health. Our goal? Sculpting the next generation of medical professionals through camps, afterschool activities, and informative toys. My dream is seeing alumni from Little Medical School across medical, nursing, veterinary, and pharmacy institutions.

We're also proud of our STEM.org accreditation.

STEM.org stands as a beacon of excellence, ensuring that programs meet their rigorous criteria emphasizing hands-on learning and skills vital for the modern world. Our inclusion among 4,500+ STEM.org accredited programs speaks volumes about our dedication to quality. With us, your child is guaranteed top-tier lessons and activities!

Enroll in our camp for a STEM-rich experience and practical exposure.
Complete the journey and flaunt a prestigious STEM.org certificate as a badge of your accomplishment.

Advantages for Your Child's Development

Attention parents! Uncover the invaluable lessons and skills your child can acquire from our unique class.

Job Opportunities

They will be enchanted by the wonders of the medical field, fueling a burning passion to embrace a remarkable healthcare career

Leadership Skills

They will unlock the secrets of leadership and teamwork, arming themselves with invaluable skills that will shape their triumphant future endeavors

Joy & Excitement

They will dive into a thrilling voyage of laughter and learning, embracing a truly enjoyable educational adventure!


They will become artistic visionaries, infusing projects and demonstrations with their captivating, imaginative touch

Problem-Solving Skills

They will unlock the power to unravel real-life puzzles, becoming masters of solution-finding in the face of any challenge that arises.

Logical Reasoning

They will unleash their inner critical thinkers, donning the cloak of astute analysis amidst captivating lectures and exhilarating activities.

Body Positivity

They will embark on a fascinating exploration of the human body's miraculous parts and functions, cultivating deep appreciation

Good Citizenship

They will awaken their inner heroes, standing vigilant and eager to aid the injured, radiating compassion and bravery.

A Well-Balanced Lifestyle

They will unleash the power of hydration, savoring the elixir of life, eight glasses a day, transforming their well-being with every sip.


Medical Training

They will acquire the art of life-saving, mastering First Aid and CPR techniques to fearlessly navigate risky situations.



They will forge unbreakable bonds, weaving a tapestry of friendship with classmates & instructors, creating memories to last a lifetime.


They will unlock the secrets of synergy, honing their skills as exceptional team players through exhilarating group projects and activities.


Why Choose Our Class?

Looking for the ideal place to plunge into the thrilling universe of healthcare? Our Weekend Class is your ticket to mesmerizing venues in Singapore, building up future stars in the medical field!

A Teaser of Our Class Lessons

An enticing snapshot of a lesson or activity we've planned for the class.

Take a Sneaky Peek!

Want a taste of our class lessons? Spoiler: They're all about training future doctors and vets early on!

Body systems

Travel through the human body and dissect the various body systems with us!

Sensory Organs

From the eyes to the heart, it’s time to dig deep into our beautiful body parts!

CPR & First Aid Training

Essential for anyone who may be the first to respond to an emergency situation.

Pet Comfy

Pet feels comfortable and happy in their living environment.

Pet Health

Maintaining good pet health
involves providing a balanced and nutritious diet, regular exercise, and access to clean water and a safe living environment.

Pet Feel Loved

Making a pet feel loved involves
providing them with affection,
attention, and positive


Dive into the World of Medicine with Our Passionate Weekend Class for an Enthralling Learning Odyssey.

Our Camp Premises

Step into our inspiring campuses, a melting pot of knowledge and creativity. Equipped with cutting-edge facilities, lively classrooms, and a nurturing ambiance, our campuses are a hotbed for innovation and growth. Traverse our campuses and set your child on a path to an education filled with wonder.

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Our Activity Highlights: A Fusion of Learning and Entertainment!

Experience the marvels of our camp through our videos!

They adore us. So will you!

Hear firsthand from parents about their Doctor For a Week Camp experiences!

Thank you so much for the assessment and pictures and not forgetting the meaningful graduation! Thankfully you have a big team behind this! Cheers

Ms. Farah Sharifah

Thank you so much to the team. Our kids really enjoyed it and were looking forward to going every morning 🙂 and I’m happy to report they also learnt stuff so it was a total win for us

Ms. Chao Yi

My kids have been pretty inspired by your program, well done !

Ms. Manjula Ariyah

    Step into a realm of medical marvels with our unparalleled Little Medical School package. Explore what's in store!

    Beyond our comprehensive medical and healthcare curriculum, we've sprinkled in delightful surprises for your child during the camp!

    So why not make the most of the holidays with us?

    Kickstart your child's medical voyage with us. Time's ticking! Slots are limited. Enroll your child now and embark on an unforgettable journey!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What qualifications do the teachers have?

    All our teachers are passionate in teaching and have years of experience with children. At the same time, they are fun-loving and able to interact with the children in fun & meaning way.

    What is the teacher-students ratio and how many students will there be in a class?

    Ratio is 1:8. In cases where there are more children, an assistant will be deployed to ensure the same level of learning experience.

    Can the parent accompany the child in the class?

    We understand that this is a class for young children that leaving Mummy and Daddy can be a difficult experience (sometimes more so for Mums and Dads, then the little ones!). However, we are unable to allow parents to accompany their children as we find it affects the dynamic of the camp and it can make it harder for those children whose parents are unable to stay.

    What will happen if my child is sick and unable to come?

    If your child develops symptoms of sickness, it would be best to rest at home! Kindly provide us with a Medical Certificate and our friendly admission officer will advise you on the next available camp schedule (subject to availability)

    How can I make the payment?

    We are in collaboration with Atome and major credit card companies. Please contact +6588454045 for more details. (There will be a small admin fee levied for Atome interest-free installments)

    Will my child be placed in a group of similar aged children?

    We will put your children together with children of similar age

    Can my child be placed in the same group as their friends/sibling?

    The camp experience offers a wonderful opportunity for children to meet new friends. If you would like to request that your child(ren) be placed in the same group as their friends or siblings, please indicate this in the registration form under the "Remarks" section.

    What do I do if I have problems Registering my child(ren) for Camp?

    If you encounter any difficulties while signing up, please don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly team. They are more than happy to assist you. You can get in touch with us via Whatsapp at +6588454045 or email us at chat@littleskoolz.com.

    Refunds and Cancellations

    1. If the course does not proceed due to any reason, we will refund you. However, please note that refunds will not be granted for cancellations made by registrants.
    2. In the unfortunate event that your child falls ill (supported by a medical certificate), we will find another available class and the next available camps.

    Will photos and videos be taken during the camp and its activities?

    By registering your child for any Little Skoolz camp and associated activities, you acknowledge and grant Inspiring Generations II Pte Ltd permission to capture photos/videos of your child(ren), where their identity may be discerned.

    Besides this, you also agree that these photos and videos will be used for sharing with both parents like yourselves and for publication by Little Skoolz's social media platforms for marketing purposes. 

    We understand and are happy to share these happy moments with you which you, in turn, would be able to share with other family members and friends.

    What should my child wear?

    We maintain a flexible dress code to ensure maximum comfort. However, we strongly encourage everyone to wear their Little Skoolz T-shirt. This not only boosts the camp spirit but also fosters a sense of belonging and identification among the group during the camp!

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